Joy Clark is a New Orleans-born singer-songwriter, lyrical guitarist and composer who creates soulful compositions that celebrate peace and the undeniable power of love. Her intricate rhythms and warm melodies reveal a sweet vulnerability that have enchanted audiences around the world. Growing up the daughter of a minister, she learned to create an atmosphere ripe for an emotional experience. She believes music is her ministry and intimacy is her superpower. Listen to Joy’s latest single “Good Thing” wherever you get your music. 

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“Gumbo Christmas” is a tribute to my grandma, Catherine Johnson (Bauma), and the army-sized pot of gumbo she made every Christmas. Gumbo Christmas is tradition. It’s a cultural practice and my favorite memory with my family. It’s probably the best part about growing up in Louisiana. I want to help people celebrate the holidays and remember those that have passed on, while dancing a lazy two step in the kitchen with their favorite kind of gumbo– and whatever cultural dish they enjoy!


I’m looking forward to meeting y’all at my next performance!

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